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Thought for the week, from Tim

‘They are reborn—not with a physical birth resulting from human passion or plan, but a birth that comes from God.’   (John 1:13)
Or as The Voice translation says:  ‘He bestowed this birthright not by human power or initiative but by God’s will.’ (The Voice)
One of the Christian phrases that most people have heard is to be “born again”.   One of the troubles that we have is that the phrase has now taken on political overtones, it has been hijacked, especially in America, where people see the phrase associated with followers of Donald Trump.
Yet for every Christian this is the case once we have given our lives to follow Jesus.  We are reborn, or as this verse says, born again. Jesus also emphasises this in John 3:3 where he says. ‘I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God.’   So the question that has to be asked is, ‘why the need to be born again?’
The trouble that we have is that we were all born with a sinful nature, you don’t have to teach children to be naughty, you have to teach them to be good.   I don’t truly understand how being born again works, but I know it does, I needed a truly fresh start.   And because of what Jesus did in my life – HE hit the big re-set button.
What better fresh start in life can you have than being born again. Thank God for His grace and mercy. 
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